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2024 Adobe Mountain Speedway Track Rules


  1. No Bicycles, Multi Wheel Transportation, Or Motorized Vehicles Allowed In General Admission Areas. Ada Only.

  2. All Cars Must Have A Fully Charged And Mounted Transponder (MyLaps TR2 Red or equivalent)  on Each Car During Hot Laps To Be Tested And Working Properly.  Each Car/Kart Driver Must Have A Charged And Working Race Receiver At All Times On The Track.

  3. All Cars/Karts Must Have An Approved Muffler And Cars Must Have A Turn Down Pointing At The Ground To Participate. Decibels Readings Will Be Checked And The Car/Kart Will Not Be Allowed To Continue Until Repaired.  Approved mufflers are per sanctioning body for Adobe Mountain Speedway, see their rules for more details.  

  4. Drivers who loose a muffler and/or turndown device while on the track will be disqualified.   If a top wing is damaged and can not be secured, or would be unsafe to continue then that car must leave the race.   Any car losing dangerous amounts of fluid, must leave the race. 

  5. Cars utilizing electric fuel pumps must have an automatic shut off switch when the engine has stopped running.

  6. Haulers Must Have A Minimum Of One 5lb Fire Extinguisher Available.

  7. Safety Jack Stands are required when working under cars

  8. Two-Way radios are prohibited. If caught the driver will be DQ and will not receive points or pay and may result in suspension from an AMS sanctioned race. 

  9. Weight/Ballast

    1. All weight added to meet minimum car/kart/driver weight requirements shall be bolted to the kart with a minimum 5/16 or 8mm through bolt. Weights over 7 pounds will require a minimum single 3/8 bolt, or two 5/16 bolts. All bolts are to be grade 5 or above and use double nuts, or nylon lock nuts with threads of at least 1/4” still visible. 

    2. Weight mounted to the seat requires a large metal washer with a minimum diameter of 35 mm / 1.378 in to be used to prevent the head of the bolt from pulling through the seat.

    3. No weight may be mounted to the underside of the chassis or outside the main frame rails

    4. All bolt-on weight must be white in color with the car/kart number clearly marked

    5. If at any point during an event a weight is determined to be improperly secured by an official, this may result in a disqualification from the session or exclusion from the event at the officials discretion. This is not protestable.

  10. Safety - Participants Responsibility - It is the responsibility of each participant to properly manage the safety of their equipment at all times
    during the course of an event. AMS will not assume the responsibility for the safety and/or technical compliance of any competition vehicle. Additionally, it is their responsibility to inform series officials of any issues on or directly surrounding the racing surface that may present or develop into a dangerous situation.​



  1. Push Vehicles Allowed With A Licensed Driver Only In Pit Areas. No Other Types Of Motorized Single Or Multi Wheel Transportation, Or Vehicles Not Utilized As A Push Vehicle Are Allowed In The Pit Areas. Ada Only & Bicycles.

  2. Tarps Under All Race Cars Even If They Are Not Participating, Purchase Tarps At Pit Pass Window If Needed.

  3. Pack It In, Pack It Out. Do Not Leave Tires, Chairs, Car Parts, Liquids, And Tarps Behind. Glass Items Of Any Kind Are Not Allowed In The Park And At Ams.


Staging and Track Exit 

  1. Follow Instructions Of Staging Personnel. One Key Person From The Car Requiring Additional Time In The Hot Grid, Must Inform Pit Board Official. This Includes Double Duty Drivers, Mechanical Issues, And Cars Scratching. 

  2. There Will Be Three Calls To Staging. Once The Last Staged Car Enters The Racing Surface, And The Flagman Has Given One More To Go, Hot Grid Is Closed. Exception, If Pit Board Official Has Been Notified Prior To The Last Call To Staging, From A Designated Person From The Crew. He Will Notify Starter To Hold For some additional time. No Other Cars Will Be Allowed After The First Call To Green. 

  3. Cars/Karts in the staging area must line up in their correct starting spot upon entering the track. Please pay attention to the pit steward if he or she is trying to get you in line. If you do not you will be put on the back of that race. NO EXCEPTIONS. We want to go lights out as soon as you enter the racing surface.

  4. After any racing/practice session:

    1. Cars exiting the track: At the concrete - speed limit is 3 mph (walking speed).   

    2. Cars must come to a complete stop at the end of the fence in the exit lane, just past the scales (a sign will be posted) 

    3. Cars (after complete stop) then may proceed into the pits, speed limit 3 mph 

    4. Speed limit in the pits is 3 mph for all vehicles (including tow vehicles, push vehicles, razors, quads) 

    5.  Any violation of these rules will result in one or more of the following penalties:  

      1. Driver Disqualified from the event

      2. Driver Suspended for one additional event

      3. Driver Fined $500 

      4. Driver and Driver's crew must push the car while in the pits until the end of the season (engine off) 


Race Track 

  1. Only Officials And Approved Crew Members Are Allowed On The Track Or In The Infield 

  2. Any car not driving at a reasonable speed will be blacked flagged for safety precautions. 


Starts / Restarts  

  1. Once Cars Enter The Track Surface, Any Stoppage Of Any Kind, The Car Tags, Any Two Stoppages Of Any Kind, The Car Is Black Flagged. Officials May Wave A Stoppage In Certain Circumstances Which Will Not Require Going To The Rear.

  2. The race is considered official once the flagman displays the green flag.

  3. Initial Starts: Front row must stay side-by-side until they reach the white line or cone placed in turn four. Pole car must set a steady pace at the discretion of the race director. All other drivers must stay in proper position nose to tail until the green flag or light is displayed. The field will get one warning on jumping on track. The second time the offender would be sent back a row.    Following three initial start attempts, the field will start single file if one lap is failed to be completed.

  4. Once the yellow light and flag are displayed, drivers must immediately get single file where they were running on the previous lap. If a driver does not feel that they are in the correct position, they can pull to the outside of the car that they think they should be ahead of and wait for instructions on the race receiver. 

  5. Single File Restarts, Nose To Tail, To The Cone On Front Straight, Not Aligned And Hitting Cone, Will Be A Penalty Of Two Positions.  Any Infractions Will Be Enforced At The Next Yellow Or At The End Of The Race.



  1. Cars Causing Another Car To Crash Or Spin Will Also Tag The Field. 

  2. 360 Spins Or Cars Entangled But Still Moving, A Yellow Will Be Thrown And The Offender Will Be Sent To The Tail For The Restart.

  3. Multiple Cars Involved With Spinning Or Crashes Will Be Placed At The Rear Of The Field According To Their Last Green Lap Position, Car Or Cars Causing Such An Occurrence Will Be Sent To The Rear.

  4. Any Driver Guilty Of Foul Driving Will Be Penalized At The Discretion Of The Officials. Penalties May Include One Or More Of The Following: Loss Of Position Or Positions During Or After The Race, Removal From The Race, Loss Of Money And Or Points, A Fine, Suspension, Disqualification, Probation, And Or Removal From The Speedways Property.

  5. Foul Driving Includes But Is Not Limited To The Following: Intentionally Cutting The Mark, Unnecessary Bumping, Crowding, Chopping, Banking, Charging Corners, Brake Checking, On Starts And Restarts, Or Rough Driving.

  6. Caution Rule: Any car that intentionally causes a yellow or is the cause of 2 caution periods will be black flagged for that  race.

  7. Only Certified Medical Team Will Be Allowed To Deem A Driver To Continue To Participate After An Incident.  Anyone Involved In An Incident Must Be Checked Out By The Medical Team, No Exceptions. 

  8. No Hot Pit Available.  All Exiting Exit Lanes Must Be Clear Of All Persons, And Vehicles At All Times.

  9. Drivers shall always remain seated in their car with seatbelts secure while on the racetrack, except under an open red flag. Any driver getting out of the race car seat shall be disqualified from that race. Additional penalties may be assessed for sportsmanship incidents that occur while out of the car. An exception will be made for a safety issue such as, but not limited to, fire. The decision by the AMS officials at the time of the violation is final.

  10. Do Not Exit Track Under Power During A Race.  Slowly Come To A Stop Or Slowly Move To The Inside Track And Stop In Turn Three Or Go To The Center, unless instructed by an AMS official.  

  11. Concussion Protocol

    1. If there is a collision or incident on the track or the facilities property, the drivers/riders must be evaluated by onsite medical staff.

    2. Failure of the driver/rider to allow onsite medical personnel to perform an evaluation will constitute an automatic disqualification from the event and will require the driver/rider to present a medical clearance, cleared for racing before returning for racing

    3. If a significant collision occurs, onsite medical evaluation will be performed to determine if they feel the driver/rider can continue or the driver/rider should seek further medical care/treatment before returning and will require the driver/rider to present a medical clearance, cleared for racing before returning for racing

    4. If there is loss of consciousness, the driver/rider will not be allowed to continue and must be evaluated by offsite medical personnel trained to deal with concussions and must present a medical clearance, cleared for racing before returning for racing


  1. Penalties For Violations Will Be One Or More Of The Following

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Driver Loses 2 Positions

    3. Driver Must Tag

    4. Disqualification From The Race Or From The Event

    5. Suspension From One Or More Future Events

    6. Fines Not To Exceed $500 



  1. Do Not Leave Quads Or Any Push Vehicles In Exiting Areas. Outside Parking In Pit Area Only.

  2. One Person Per Car/Kart In Hot Grid And At Scales.


Post Race 

  1. All Rented Transponders Must Be Returned Before Payouts Will Be Allowed.

  2. Curfew Quiet Time Is From 10 pm To 8 am. This Includes Car/Truck Horns, Starting Of Race Engines, And Any Other Excessive Noise.

PDF for printing

Adobe Mountain Speedway Car Rules

Adobe Mountain Speedway Kart Rules

AZ Predator 212





Outlaw Kart

Karts 4 Kids


Ladies class - Any Female driver 14 & up

Old Timers Class - Any Participant 55 & up 

These classes do not have a min weight and can use engines prepared up to SuperStock specs

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