Effective Sept 3, 2022

All Cars racing at AMS are required to run a muffler and turndown.

The muffler must be a 10" Schoenfeld #MS101721-1 ¾” inlet or MS102022-2” inlet

The turndown must point directly at the ground (straight down) 

Contact our local dealer: 

Coyote Race Cars, (928) 925-9858

They are offering a kit with a new Schoenfeld 10” muffler with turn down for $165.

Or contact Schoenfeld Headers directly at 479 474-7529


10” Mufflers:

#MS101721-1 ¾” inlet, MS102022-2” inlet

#MS10PKG 10” Repacking kit

#4002-4 Tab kit

If you fail the sound test during hot laps, and or possible qualifying, you will only have one chance to modify and will be rechecked during the heat race, if it fails again, the car will be disqualified from the event.

In addition:

Cars utilizing electric fuel pumps must have an automatic shut off switch when the engine has stopped running.

Many options are and have been available through Hyper Racing Products and like dealers.



They also have information for in-car fire suppression systems which at this time are not mandatory but may become mandatory in the future.


Any questions, call Coyote Race Cars, (928) 925-9858, ask for Bugs Norbury.