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The MyRacePass app is the most comprehensive grassroots motorsports app available to race fans. For the first time ever, motorsports organizations have a platform to submit their own information to be viewed by race fans in one application. The MyRacePass app has completely changed how fans follow the action for race day and read the latest news from race tracks, series and drivers.


Look for MyRacePass in the App Store or Google Play and install it.


When it starts it will ask you to sign up for a subscription.  You DO NOT have to sign up for a subscription, the free features are very good. 


You get event info (schedules, classes), event entries, official lineups and official results (all free) 


Click on this page for more info:  


Short Video:  


When you run the app, it will start up showing the events for today, click on the calendar icon in the upper right and choose October 1.   That will bring up tons of events from all over the US.   Hit the filter button and choose Arizona under state, now you’ll just get AZ events (and that filter will be saved).    Click on Adobe Mountain Speedway, you should see event info.   Click on Lineups (at the bottom) to see the Lineups (those are posted before each race).  Click on Results, these will post as soon as they are official.   There’s a Star somewhere on the page, click it to make AMS one of your favorites.   


The Live timing upgrade is $8 per YEAR.   This gives you lap times at events, and you can also see historical laptimes (as long as they were uploaded to MRP).   These laptimes can include caution laps and other “non-racing” laps, but for general info, they’re pretty good. (see the live timing section on the info page) 

Drivers: Claim Your Profile! 


What is an MRP Profile?

A MyRacePass (MRP) profile is the identity and biographical information associated with a driver in the MRP network. The profile has standard fields like name, age and location, but can be customized to include nearly any type of content. Profiles are listed in the MRP directory which serves as a who's who of motorsports.   After you claim your profile, you can add images, bio, interests, crew members and most importantly, sponsors (and with a great profile, you might even attract more sponsors) 

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