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If you've been racing at Adobe for a while and already know the prices, you've got an MRP account and have claimed your driver’s profile, then the online registration is pretty easy, you’ll need to do the MRP Event registration here: 

(pick the event that you're coming to). Then note the prices (they are in in step 2 $20 pill members, $30 nonmem, $10 JS) and $40 ea pit passes. Send an email to

with driver, car #, class, transponder#, names/ages of who will receive those pit passes. Bring the exact amount in cash to the track on Saturday 12-3 pm and you’ll get “Drive Thru” Service!

MyRacePass and Online Registration - Full explanation 

The MyRacePass app is the most comprehensive grassroots motorsports app available to race fans. For the first time ever, motorsports organizations have a platform to submit their own information to be viewed by race fans in one application. The MyRacePass app has completely changed how fans follow the action for race day and read the latest news from race tracks, series and drivers.


Look for MyRacePass in the App Store or Google Play and install it.


When it starts it will ask you to sign up for a subscription.  You DO NOT have to sign up for a subscription, the free features are very good. 


You get event info (schedules, classes), event entries, official lineups and official results (all free) 


Click on this page for more info:  


Short Video:  


When you run the app, it will start up showing the events for today, click on the calendar icon in the upper right and choose October 1.   That will bring up tons of events from all over the US.   Hit the filter button and choose Arizona under state, now you’ll just get AZ events (and that filter will be saved).    Click on Adobe Mountain Speedway, you should see event info.   Click on Lineups (at the bottom) to see the Lineups (those are posted before each race).  Click on Results, these will post as soon as they are official.   There’s a Star somewhere on the page, click it to make AMS one of your favorites.   


The Live timing upgrade is $8 per YEAR.   This gives you lap times at events, and you can also see historical laptimes (as long as they were uploaded to MRP).   These laptimes can include caution laps and other “non-racing” laps, but for general info, they’re pretty good. (see the live timing section on the info page) 

Drivers: Claim Your Profile! 


What is an MRP Profile?

A MyRacePass (MRP) profile is the identity and biographical information associated with a driver in the MRP network. The profile has standard fields like name, age and location, but can be customized to include nearly any type of content. Profiles are listed in the MRP directory which serves as a who's who of motorsports.   After you claim your profile, you can add images, bio, interests, crew members and most importantly, sponsors (and with a great profile, you might even attract more sponsors) 

Adobe Mountain Speedway ONLINE Registration Rev 2.0 


This system will make it possible for you to do your driver registration, rent transponders, purchase pit passes all at home before the race (cutoff 11:00 pm the day before the race).   Then when you arrive at the track, you’ll be greeted by an AMS worker and your pit passes (and clipboard for signatures) will be brought to you, you’ll sign,  do a pill draw and get a transponder (if rented).   From there, its straight into the pits (if we can find a clear lane) where you’ll prep your car for hotlaps. 


And now with Rev 2, there is a free lunch!  We've stopped using the MRP ticketing system because of excessive fees.   You can pay by Zelle (no fees and this will continue) and also with cash (exact amount) at the track for at least a few events starting March 16, 2024  


And there’s no warp drive..  Entries need to be in by 6:00 pm AZ time on Friday for Saturday races if you want an email confirmation from the track (you’ll get one from MRP regardless)  Or by 11:00 pm with no confirmation.  


This process is a bit complex at the moment, but we’re working with MRP to make improvements, by this fall, we’re hoping to be able to do everything in 1 step, but its 3 steps right now.   First pre-register the driver in the MRP registration system, then calculate your amount due (either pay with Zelle or agree to bring cash)  and finally send an email with additional information to the track.  


Step 1:  Pre Register the Driver


Hit this link:  that will open the MRP Pre Registraion window

Look for the Event that you want to enter and Hit Register  

(there may be several registrations open at any one time, make sure you pick the correct EVENT) 

Pick your class and competitor (if you want to register for 2 classes, then there’s an option at the end to go back in) 


and next time, your old info will be pre-filled in all the fields but the first time, you’ll need to complete all the fields. 


When you’re done hit the continue button (you’ll pay for the classes in step 2) 

Check the info, make sure its correct.  If you need to add another class or driver, hit the Add Another.   If you are done with all your drivers and classes, click the “I confirm” checkbox and hit Add to Cart 

Then Checkout

And Click the “I agree” checkbox and Complete your order 

In a few minutes, check your emails, you should get a message from MyRacePass Marketpl  confirming your driver(s) and class(es) 


That completes Step 1.    

Step 2 Calculate total payment for the event

Price List

$40 - Pit Pass - Participants (any age) and Adults/Mechanics/Helpers Ages 13 & Up

$15 - Pit Pass - Ages 5 to 12 (non-drivers)

$00 - Pit Pass -  Ages 4 & Under  (but still must be listed on the email in the next step)

$30 - Registration (Pill) Fee - SWEM Midgets

$20 - Registration (Pill) Fee - OutLaw A-Class Restricted - Member

$30 - Registration (Pill) Fee - OutLaw A-Class Restricted - Member

$10 - Registration (Pill) Fee - Jr Sprint

$20 - Transponder Rental 

$40 - 2x Class Track Fee

$80 - 3x Class Track Fee

Be sure to review all possible purchases and choose the ones that apply to you, there's no error checking or fail safe, if you get it right, then great.   Each order is reviewed and you'll get a return confirmation email stating that everything is great, or you missed something (hopefully we’ll catch it before you arrive at the track).

Note that you must purchase a pit pass for the driver, it is not included in the entry fee. All drivers must purchase a $40 pit pass even though they may be 5-12 years old. If they are not driving, Kids are Ages 5 to 12, and Toddlers are 4 and under. Just purchase pit passes for people you know are coming (I don’t think its possible to do partial refunds). If you happen to bring a few extras, just have them get out, walk up and stand in line (just like the good ‘ol days)

Many items are pretty simple and straight-forward. We do get some questions from drivers who enter 2 or more classes. There is a $40 track entry fee for the same driver entering 2 classes and an $80 entry fee for entering 3 classes. If you have 3 drivers in 3 different classes, then there’s no additional track fee. If you drive in OutLaw and A-Class, then this applies to you ($40). If you’re Drake Edwards, then you’ll need to purchase the $80 track fee :)

If you are paying by Zelle (no fees) then add to your recipient list and send her the money.    We will likely be moving to this method exclusively in the future, so try it out now if possible.


We will also accept cash at the track (exact amount) for a few events starting March 16, 2024.  An AMS track worker will provide an envelope with the driver's name and the amount due.   Put that amount in the envelope and you are paid. 

We have discontinued the use of the MRP ticket system for payment because of the large fees involved.  

Step 3 Email additional information - Critical 

Compose an email to 
Subject: Pre Entry for March 2 (or event title) 
In the body of the email, include the following information:

Payment info

Paid by Zelle and date/time paid: 



Paying by Cash at the track (must be exact change) 



Driver First Name:
Driver Last Name:
Hometown on MRP: 
Car Number(s):
Transponder Number(s): (if renting, leave blank)

We need the age of anyone under 18 years old as they will sign a minor release

If the driver or any pit members are 18 or over, just enter "A" or "Adult" for the age 
Driver Pit Pass Name/Age: 
Adult Pit Pass Name2/Age:
Adult Pit Pass Name3/Age:
Adult Pit Pass Name4/Age:
(insert more if needed)
Child Pit Pass Name1/Age:
Child Pit Pass Name2/Age:
Child Pit Pass Name3/Age:
(insert more if needed)
Toddler Pit Pass Name1/Age:
Toddler Pit Pass Name2/Age:


And any notes that you want us to be aware of.  


Send the email and we’ll verify the information (as well as we can) and let you know if there are any issues.   



When you arrive at the track, you'll just use the standard lane, we will be implementing an "Express Lane" in the future, but for now, there's only 1 lane.   But stay in your truck, someone will be out to greet you (Drive-Thru Service)

The Drive thru service will be available from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (we need to stop at 3:00 to prepare for the event), if you arrive after 3:00 pm, get out (everyone) and come to the standard registration window, we'll have your pit passes (and will need to issue them to each person) , if you arrive late (after 3:45), everyone needs to go to the concession stand to get your packet and pit passes.   

If you arrive at the track before 12:00 pm, just park in the pits, we’ll try to walk around and find you, but if they are telling you to get pit passes, walk over to the normal registration window and we’ll take care of it.  

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