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Sept 3, 2022 Race Results


NOW600 NON-WING OUTLAW: 29 Entrants, 4 Heats, B-Main and A-Main, 

Top 3 in the A-Main: 

Joshua Shipley Surprise, AZ

Bryant Dawson Phoenix, AZ

Brandon Sutton Wittman, AZ

NOW600 A-CLASS NON-WING: 22 Entrants, 3 Heats,  A-Main 

Top 3 in the A-Main: 

Cameron La Rose Phoenix, AZ

Josh Castro Peoria, AZ

Shon Deskins Waddell, AZ

NOW600 RESTRICTED: 13 Entrants, 2 Heats,  A-Main 

Top 3 in the A-Main: 

Ethan Stevens Mesa, AZ

Jaydon Barnes Goodyear, AZ

Grant Schaadt Casa Grande, AZ


MINI LATE MODELS: 6 Entrants, 1 Heat, A-Main

Winner A-Main: 

Austin Humphreys Phoenix, AZ



Top 3 in the A-Main

William Davis

Braden Jewit 

Steve Davis 

Sept 3, 2022 Race Notes



  • Outlaw NOW 600 Micro Sprints (NonWing)

  • A Class NOW 600 Micro Sprints (NonWing)

  • Restricted NOW 600 Micro Sprints

  • Mini Late Models

  • Jr Sprints 

Its going to be Hot and Humid, brings lots of water, shade, head covers, and stay Hydrated.


Heavy construction on Pinnacle Peak Road from 47th Avenue to 35th Avenue.

No left turns off of Pinnacle Peak Road Allowed.

Right turns off of East bound Pinnacle Peak Road may be tight for longer transports.

Best route, Happy Valley Road South on 43rd Avenue.

Hurricane Harbor is open 7-days a week, heavy traffic through 1 PM.


With the increase of vandalism, off roading, and trash dumping inside the main gate of the south end of the park, the main gate remains closed 24/7.

We will be opening the main gate and AMS for access at the same time

Transponders Required: (MyLaps AMB Red - Cars) Rentals available

MyRacePass will be used for Registration, Pilldraw, Lineups, Results and Payouts


Main Park Gate and AMS opens at 2 PM.

Pit meeting at 5 PM.

Wheel Packing/Hot Laps 5:30 PM.

Heats 6:30 PM

*Muffler and Fuel Cutoff Requirements

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