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Saturday Feb 24, 2024  

Karts at Adobe Mountain Speedway 2024


Once again we’ll be racing on Saturday nights, Donald Curtis will be running the Karts for Kids divisions, Daniel Strickler will be promoting the Champ Karts  and AMS will be in charge of the AZ Predator 212’s and the AZ Outlaws.   We currently have a 10 race championship: Feb 24, Mar 9, Mar 23, May 4, May 11, Sep 21, Oct 5, Oct 19 (at Verde Valley),  Nov 2, Nov 16 (year end banquet with an afternoon start)  


The First AMS Kart Race of 2024 is coming up this Saturday!   We have added the SuperStock classes, Published Payouts,  Awards presentations, Victory Laps, On- Track Winner Interviews, 90 minutes of practice, and Championship points (and yes, we have a 10 race Championship Scheduled).   The weather is looking great for Saturday, Gates open at 12:00 pm, Quick Driver’s meeting at 2:15, Hit the track at 2:30.  We’ll continuously cycle similar groups until 4:15 PM.   From 3:00 to 4:45 we’ll be doing race registration ($10 pill), with a “Race” Driver’s meeting at 5:00 and Heats 5:30 to 6:30.   Bikes will do their heats from 6:30 to 7:30 and then the Karts will be back with Mains from 7:30 to 8:30.   After each main, the driver will take a victory lap and stop at the podium for a quick interview and pictures.   After all the Mains are finished we’ll invite all the spectators into the Kart Pits and do the awards and payouts and more pictures and maybe some more interviews!  


Kart Race/Practice/Repair/Build Day Saturday Feb 24!

If you have a kart that’s been sitting in the garage for quite a while, this is your chance to bring it to Adobe, freshen it up, fix it, or even build it.   We’ll have several mechanics, spare parts, tools, wheels, tires, chains, sprockets,  and maybe even a few engines, to get that old tired kart back on the track! 

If you just bought a kart, or have an unsealed kart that doesn’t quite fit into super stock, bring it! We’ll help with any safety related items and make sure it’s able to compete.  

If you’ve never raced a dirt kart before, we’ll have a 90 Minute practice session to learn the ropes.  

If you don't have a kart, but have dirt track racing experience, then there may be some extra seats available  (send an email to and we'll put you in touch with some owners)

Kart/Motorcycle  Race Day Schedule for Saturday Feb 24

Gates/Pits Open: 12:00 PM 

Kart Practice Meeting 2:15 PM 

Kart Practice: 2:30 to 4:15 PM
Kart Race Registration: 3:00 to 4:45 PM  ($10) 

FlatTrack Motorcycle  Meeting 4:15 PM

FlatTrack Motorcycle   Practice 4:30 - 5:30 PM 

Kart Driver Meeting: 5:00 PM 

Kart Heats: 5:30 PM 

FlatTrack Motorcycle Heats: 6:30 PM

Kart Mains:  7:30 PM - 8:30 PM 

FlatTrack Motorcycle Mains: 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM 


2024 AMS Kart Racing Payouts:  (All races except Oct 19) 


212 Open, SS Heavy, SS Light, Sealed - ($10 Pill Fee)

15+     finishers  1st $100 2nd $70 3rd $60  4th $40  5th $30 

10-14  finishers  1st $100 2nd $60 3rd $40

6-9   finishers  1st $80 2nd $40

3-5   finishers   1st $60 

The final race, Nov 16, will also be the championship banquet, where year end trophies will be presented.   Food and beverages will be provided by Adobe Mountain Speedway.   

There are some changes in the Kart classes for 2024, we are adding Jr Superstock, Superstock Light and Superstock Heavy.  (thanks to Randy Ricketts and Doug Armstrong at Verde Valley Raceway for allowing us to use their Superstock engine rules).   Here’s the breakdown:

212 Sealed  (age 14+ 365 min wt, )

212 Superstock Light Adult (age 15+ 300 min wt) 

212 Superstock Heavy Adult (age 15+ 365 min wt) 

212 Open (age 16+)

We are dropping the Unsealed class for 2024 as the Superstock engine rules have proven to be very successful at other tracks. 

AZ Boxstock Outlaw (Age 6-12, B&S LO206 Black slide)

Karts for Kids Novice - (Age 6 - 12) Donald Curtis

Karts for Kids Expert - (Age 6 - 12) Donald Curtis

Karts for Kids Jr Superstock (Age 13 - 14, 265 min wt)  

Champ Karts - Daniel Strickler

(Any age exceptions must be approved by the promoter and the track) 

An assistant race director / tech guy will be hired for the 2024 Kart Race Season - Doug Armstong  

We will be doing safety checks and issuing stickers (same as Verde Valley) 

(nuts and bolts wired,pinned, double nutted or nylocked, snap rings on end of front spindles, weights properly secured, stuff like that) 

This year we’ll be doing all trophies and other awards in the pits after all the kart mains are complete (and karts finish weighing).   Spectators will be invited to make their way to the pits to watch, cheer, and take pictures.   

Note on the change from Unsealed to Superstock:  The intent on going with Superstock is to replicate the success they've had with it up in Verde. In an ideal world, this would have clicked sometime last year and the new rules would have been announced much sooner. Because of the late notice, we'll have a grace period for folks who have built karts to the unsealed rules. It will be on a case by case basis and will extend as long as needed. So if you have an unsealed kart, bring it! You will be able to race! Doug Armstrong will be at every race with advice and assistance on bringing karts into compliance with the new rules. We are back on Saturday's at Adobe, let's make this a fun and competitive year!


Here’s the Superstock engine rules (this is from the Verde Valley site and it will be published on the AMS site in the Rules section soon)


1. Motor:

a. Predator 212cc Hemi or Non-Hemi (no Tillotson blocks)

b. Stock stroke & stock crank

c. Stock cylinder bore with stock piston (no aftermarket pistons)

d. Stock head and stock valves

i. Minor port cleaning & polishing of the intake & exhaust ports

ii. Head shaved up to .035” with no more than a 3 angle valve seat cutting

e. Carburetor 0.615 bore

i. Carb jet maximum 0.039”

f. Allowed to use ARC billet rod 3.308” stock length

g. Allowed to use ARC billet flywheel stock keyway

i. Hemi flywheel ARC-6696

ii. Non-Hemi flywheel ARC-6695

h. Stock cam (billet cams not allowed & no special ground cam to change stock centerline)

i. Lift cannot exceed: 0.254” intake; 0.254” exhaust

i. Valve Springs cannot exceed 26 lbs single spring (no double springs)

j. Electric start or pull start

k. RLV muffler (no alterations) 

2. Fuel a. Up to 110 octane.

b. No fuel additives; no methanol.

c. Fuel pumps only are allowed.

3. Weight Class (Superstock)

a. 365 lb minimum

4. Safety:

a. First race of the season will have a safety inspection on all karts before they go on the track.

b. All bolts to be drilled and cotter-pinned or wired.

c. All karts required to have a rear bumper to cover rear tires.

d. Mufflers required.

5. Protest Rules

a. Must be in top-three finishers to qualify for teardown. $150 fee

b. Protests must be done before the protested kart leaves the scales.

i. Illegal Karts - protestor & track will split the fee 50/50.

ii. Legal Karts - protested kart & track will split the fee 50/50.

iii. There will be random techs.

Superstock Engines & Teardown Rules

1. If the kart is DQ’d for not making weight, the kart will lose points for that race.

2. If the engine does not pass tech the first time, you will lose points for the night.

3. If the engine does not pass tech the second time, you will lose points for the night & one race


4. If the engine does not pass tech the third time, you will be suspended for the remainder of the

racing season.

General Kart Pre-Race Notes 

No Transponders, Single practices and heats.  All karts must have 8” numbers mounted on the right side with contrasting background.


  • 212 Sealed  (age 14+ 365 min wt, )

  • 212 Superstock Light Adult (age 15+ 300 min wt) 

  • 212 Superstock Heavy Adult (age 15+ 365 min wt) 

  • 212 Open (age 16+)

  • AZ Boxstock Outlaw (Age 6-12, B&S LO206 Black slide)

  • Karts for Kids Novice - (Age 6 - 12) Donald Curtis

  • Karts for Kids Expert - (Age 6 - 12) Donald Curtis

  • Karts for Kids Jr Superstock (Age 13 - 14, 265 min wt)  

  • Champ Karts - Daniel Strickler


$10 Entry Fee 

Awards provided by AZ Predator Stock Kart Racing 


$10 Entry Fee 

Awards Provided by Kids for Karts Racing 

AZ Outlaws 

$0 Entry Fee

Awards Provided by Chaparral Glass 


$0 Entry Fee

Flattrack Racing Notes



General Admission: Ages 13 & up $10, 5-12 $5, 4 & Under Free
Pit Pass: Participants (any age) and Adults/Mechanics/Helpers Ages 13 & Up $40. 
                Ages 5 to 12 (non-drivers) $15, and Ages 4 & Under Free.
                (Minors must have a 2023 minor release on file) 

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