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Jan 28, 2023 

It was a beautiful day at AMS for the first event of 2023.  This event was intended to attract new kart drivers and give the experienced drivers a day to test their karts and hone their skills.   By all measures, it was a success, we had 5 new adults, 14 new kids and many drivers with loads of experience.  Time was the only limiting factor as some of the kids could have gone all night but we had to call it quits a little after 3:00 pm.  Because of this, we'll be holding another "kids only" practice day in the near future.  A big thanks goes to Donald Curtis for his support of all the younger drivers by bringing out 4 "loaner" karts and doing the "intro to karting" class.  

There were 5 groups (212 Sealed, Unsealed, Open) Outlaws and Champkarts (5 - 10 karts in each group).  We started at 11:00 am and ran 4 sessions for all groups, that ended at 2:00 pm (every group was on the track 4 times).  We then had 5 adults and 14 kids who had never been on a dirt track before.  We had a meeting, explained all the procedures, ran each of them 1 at a time, the adults all did great, the kids had some issues.  But everyone got laps, the adults are ready to race and we're going to schedule another session for the kids.  We finished this at 3:10 as many of our crew had another obligations. 

Pre-Event Notes: 

Gates Open: 9:00 am 
Open Practice from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm 

Drivers: Bring all those friends, neighbors and relatives who've always wanted to try driving a kart on a dirt track but haven't had the chance to do so. 

Pit Passes will be $25 for existing drivers, participants and adults (13 and up) but will be only $10 for their guests who will be on the track for the first time.   Kids (12 and under) will be $10.   

Everyone 17 years old and younger must have a parental release form on file for 2023. 

Drivers, be sure to bring extra safety equipment for first timers; helmet, gloves, closed toe shoes, long pants, long sleeve shirts at a minimum. 

AZ 212 Predators (Sealed Unsealed and Open) 
Karts for Kids Jr (Expert and Novice)
AMS Outlaw Karts
UAS AZ Unlimited Allstars
Champ Karts
Jr Sprints 
Other Karts built for competitive dirt track racing 
(Quads and Lawn Mowers - at this time we are not allowed to run these classes per insurance regulations) 

Drivers:   Here's a video from Lori Danner from a recent race, show it to your friends, see if they're interested! 

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