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Its Summer Break at Adobe Mountain Speedway
The next planned ev
ent will be 
AUG 26  SAT  OPEN PRACTICE 1/5 MILE (6:00 pm TO 9:00 pm)  ​​​

Fire Ban for AMS starts Thursday, April 20th, at midnight.

No open fires or flames of any kind are allowed.

Upcoming Races and Events ​​​​


SUMMER BREAK, BACK ON Aug 26 (Open Practice 1/5 Mi Cars) 

RC Practices and Events

Push Vehicle Note: 

Quads and UTV'S used for push vehicles only with a licensed driver 16-years or older, no riders, allowed to be used in the pit areas for pushing registered race vehicles.   All other types of Electric or Fuel Powered Bicycles, Motorcycles, Segways, Unicycles, Tricycles, Golf Karts, Transportation vehicles are prohibited in the pit areas.  Exception: All ADA type of Transportation. Two wheel bicycles. (note only ADA allowed in GA areas)


Video from the infield of the NOW600 Outlaws 

We are a CASH ONLY facility

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