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  • SWEM Midgets

  • Outlaw NOW 600 MicroSprints (NonWing) 

  • A-Class NOW 600 MicroSprints (NonWing) 

  • Restricted NOW 600 MicroSprints 

  • Jr Sprints 


Gates open at 12:00 pm 

Pit Passes, Pill Draw, &  Registration 1:00 to 3:45pm

Drivers meeting at 4:00pm

Wheel pack/Hot laps 4:30pm

Heats, Mains to follow 

Meeting Notes - Saturday Jan 20, 2024 :  
  1. Both Tracks have been reconfigured to promote more 2 lane racing - the Big Track is 40 - 45 ft wide all the way around with a raised berm on the inside. The 1/10 mi Track is 4 to 8 feet wider with a more appropriate shape and banking for kart racing  

  2. Social Media: Be careful, derogatory and/or false statements will get you fined and banned 

  3. At the track: Fighting  $1000 fine + 1 yr ban  Going to another racer’s pit  $500 fine   Intentional crashing into another’s car $250 

  4. New Work area / hot pit will be implemented, but very much time limited (for example a quick tire change)  

  5. Do not stand in the grid next to the track, must stay behind the safety line  

  6. 2024 Cactus NOW600 classes, (Outlaw, A-Class, Restricted) $80 to register (due by Feb 2)  $20 member pill draw  $30 non-member  

  7. Membership and Pill fees will be used to fund extra track officials, tech tools and year end awards 

  8. Cactus Membership cards will be issued, no card, no questions, $30 (non member rate) 

  9. Luella will collect pill fee for first race Feb 3 

  10. Tire rules remain unchanged for 2024 

  11. Luella is looking for an extra official (paid position) to enforce rules for the Cactus divisions before, during and after races 


Other notes:  

Track Registration fees continue:  1st class (with payouts)  Free,  2nd class $40  3rd class $40 ($80 total) 


Transponders: Mylaps TR2 (Red, Car/Bike)   $20 to rent while supply lasts.

Here are the Cactus NOW600 rules regarding transponders:  

16) RaceCeiver Radios and transponders are mandatory while on the track at any time this

includes mud packing and hot laps. Track officials reserve the right to penalize drivers that

don't run a RaceCeiver.

18) Transponder: All cars must be equipped with a transponder; either rented from the track or

participants own. The bracket location of the transponder must be on the right side of the car

front panel, twelve (12) inches about the ground and twenty-two (22) to twenty-four (24)

inches behind the front axle. Any racecar without this device will not be scored during the

race events.   


Qualifying: Feb 3 Outlaw Class will run a qualifying session instead of hotlaps.   Cars will be grouped by heats and run 2 at a time.  

There will be plenty of free pit spots for all participants in the coming spring season events at AdobeMountainSpeedway.   Like always, cars and trucks not hauling a race vehicle will not be allowed in the pits.  A limited number of reserved pit spots will be available for select events, email Ted at to obtain further details and request a spot. 

Latest Race Results


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Push Vehicle Note: 

Quads and UTV'S used for push vehicles only with a licensed driver 16-years or older, no riders, allowed to be used in the pit areas for pushing registered race vehicles.   All other types of Electric or Fuel Powered Bicycles, Motorcycles, Segways, Unicycles, Tricycles, Golf Karts, Transportation vehicles are prohibited in the pit areas.  Exception: All ADA type of Transportation. Two wheel bicycles. (note only ADA allowed in GA areas)


Video from the infield of the NOW600 Outlaws 

We are a CASH ONLY facility

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