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Feb 2, 2024 Practice Night on the 1/5 Mile Oval 


  • Open Wheel: Midgets, Micros, Jr Sprints   

  • Closed Wheel: Dwarfs, Mini Lates, ect

Racing Vehicle Requirements:

  • Safety Equipment (as spec'd for the class)    

  • Midgets, Micros, Jr Sprints:  Mufflers, Turndowns Fuel Cutoff devices (as spec'd for the class)    

  • Closed Wheel Cars must use the same Muffler, Turndown, and Fuel Cutoff devices as the Micros (see specs below)   

General Requirements:

  • All racing vehicles, even if they are not participating, must be on a tarp.

  • Pack it in, pack it out.  Do not leave tarps, chairs or anything else that you have brought in to the park.

  • Absolutely no glass containers of any kind is allowed in the park.

  • No personal vehicles (not pulling a trailer) will be allowed in the pits.

  • After 9PM, no vehicle horns, revving engines, or any loud noises. 

Quads and UTV'S used for push vehicles only with a licensed driver 16-years or older, no riders, allowed to be used in the pit areas for pushing registered race vehicles.   All other types of Electric or Fuel Powered Bicycles, Motorcycles, Segways, Unicycles, Tricycles, Golf Karts, Transportation vehicles are prohibited in the pit areas.  Exception: All ADA type of Transportation. Two wheel bicycles. (note only ADA allowed in GA areas)

AMS Pits open at 4:00 PM.

Practice sessions from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm 

Pit Passes:  $25,  Kids (4 and under) Free 


Everyone 17 years old and younger must have a parental release form on file for 2024. 

General Admission: Free 

*Muffler and Fuel Cutoff Requirements

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