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Friday May 12, 2023  

212 Open Karts 6 Entries A Feature  15 Laps

1. 71-Stevie Sussex III[1]; 2. 81K-Derrek Goodwin[5]; 3. 89-Logan Johnson[3]; 4. 16-Robert Cole[4]; 5. (DNF) 22-Lonnie Oliver[2]; 6. (DNS) 505B-Joseph Brees

212 Sealed Karts 10 Entries A Feature  15 Laps

1. 9-Aaron Cavaleri[1]; 2. 45-Steve Sussex[2]; 3. 18-Branden Bolton[5]; 4. 25-Joey Cordova[6]; 5. 17-Jason Benedict[7]; 6. 18C-CJ Bunch[4]; 7. 01-Mitchel Helsel[9]; 8. 11-Hunter Merrill[8]; 9. 1-Lonnie Oliver[10]; 10. 17L-Nick Langer[3]

212 Unsealed Karts 12 Entries A Feature 15 Laps

1. 17-Stu Moffett[2]; 2. 88H-Jake Helsel[1]; 3. 61-Dayton Shelton[4]; 4. 7-Derrek Goodwin[6]; 5. 16-Robert Cole[7]; 6. 34-Nikki Johnson[8]; 7. 88-Tristan Gee[9]; 8. 01-Mitchel Helsel[10]; 9. (DNF) 51-Ricky Noyes[5]; 10. (DNS) 9-Aaron Cavaleri; 11. (DNS) 89-Logan Johnson; 12. (DNS) 44M-John Shelton

UAS AZ Unlimited Allstars 4 Entries A Feature 15 Laps

1. 22-Cody Welker[1]; 2. 40-Keith Noyes[2]; 3. 99-Corey Hosler Jr[3]; 4. 71-Tim Mendez[4]

Karts 4 Kids Expert 7 Entries A Feature 12 Laps

1. 45-JJ Landeros[2]; 2. 21T-Turtle Ogaz[6]; 3. 711-Jamie Gabriel[1]; 4. 14-Johnny Madrid[7]; 5. 25-Isaiah Landeros[3]; 6. 29-Emma Johnson[4]; 7. 12-Haylee Johnson[5]

Chaparral Glass AZ BoxStock Outlaws 1 Entry A Feature 10 Laps

1. 17L-Dylan Langer[1]

Good morning everyone. I was asked by Jim Willittes from Adobe Mountain Speedway to come out, take some pictures, and do a report on the kart races last night. I'm no Ben Thrasher, but I did the best I could as a rookie photographer with a phone. I managed to get a couple of good ones. On the flip side, I do know how to report so settle in and I hope you enjoy....

They battled some dry issues at the beginning as expected with the heat, but Aaron Miller Sr. kept up on the track with the water truck and eventually the track came in and provided some good racing. It was a two heat race format with all karts running both heat races then lining up the mains by points....

The AZ Box Stock class had one kart, so it was a very good test and tune session for Dylan Langer in the 17L. The kid got a lot of laps to work on his driving skills and was smooth and fast all night. Any other karts show up in the future and they will have their hands full with him....

Karts for kids showed up with seven youngsters thriving to be the next superstar. Jamie Gabriel won both heat races in the #711. The main event was a different story as the #45 of JJ Landeros drove to what I think was his first main event win after Gabriel spun out while leading. Turtle Ogaz, love that name, came home in second with the #21T and Gabriel rounded out the podium....

There were three karts that showed in the UAS AZ Unlimited All-stars that included the Godfather, Keith Noyes. The #22 of Cody Welker took the first heat and Noyes won the second driving the Dana Fite owned #40. The main was a tight battle as the top three were bumper to bumper for the majority of the race. Keith threw everything he had at Cody, but Welker held off the Godfather to take the win. Cory Hostler came across in third with the #99....

Ten karts signed in for the 212 Sealed class. It was the #9 of Aaron Cavaleri winning the first heat and Stevie Sussex III taking the second. Aaron led start to finish in the main but had to fight off a hard charging Sussex and got another main event win. Brandon Bolton, no relation to Michael, topped off the podium in the #18....

The 212 Un-sealed class brought 12 karts to the table. Stu Moffett drove his #17 to the win in the first heat and Dayton Shelton crossed the line first in the second with the #61. The main event was all Moffitt as he cruised to victory by half a lap while eating a sammich. Jake Helsel in the #88 came home in second and Shelton got it on the podium with a solid third place finish....

Six 212 Open karts came to play and it was the Stevie Sussex show as he swept the night winning both heat races and the main piloting the Donald Curtis owned #71. They battled back and fourth for second and third with multiple changes and Derrek Goodwin prevailed in second driving the #81K owned by Rickey Kinney and the #89 of Logan Johnson got his second straight podium....

That's gonna do it. Thank you to Ted Williams and the rest of the Adobe Mountain Speedway crew for a good night of racing. We will be at Gila Monster Speedway in Globe next Saturday night....

See y'all later

Rebel out

71-Stevie Sussex.jpg
71-Stevie Sussex Winner 212 Open Karts 
9-Aaron Cavaleri.jpg
9-Aaron Cavaleri Winner 212 Sealed Karts 
17-Stu Moffett.jpg
17-Stu Moffett Winner 212 Unsealed Karts
22-Cody Welker.jpg
22-Cody Welker Winner UAS AZ Unlimited Allstars
45-JJ Landeros.jpg
45-JJ Landeros Winner Karts 4 Kids Expert
17L-Dylan Langer.jpg
17L-Dylan Langer Winner Chaparral Glass AZ BoxStock Outlaws

Pre-race Notes: 

Going to be doing some "OLD SCHOOL" kart racing, No Transponders, 2 Karting heats per class (everyone runs every heat).  All karts must have 8” numbers mounted on the right side with contrasting background.


  • Karts for Kids Novice

  • Karts for Kids Expert

  • Outlaw Box Stock

  • AZ Predator 212 Sealed

  • AZ Predator 212 Unsealed

  • AZ Predator 212 Open

  • UAS AllStars  


$10 Entry Fee 

Transponders Not Required  

Awards provided by AZ Predator Stock Kart Racing 


$10 Entry Fee 

Transponders Not Required  

Awards Provided by Kids for Karts Racing 

AZ Outlaws 

$0 Entry Fee

Transponders Not Required  

Awards Provided by Chaparral Glass 

UAS Allstars 

$0 Entry Fee

Transponders Not Required  


Gates Open at 3:00 PM
Pit passes, Registration, Pill Draw, GA at 4
:00 PM
Late Registration, Pill Draw After 6:30, (Tag the heats, no passing points) 
Drivers Meeting at 6:30 PM 
Hot laps at 6:45 PM
Heats after Hotlaps


The last minute registration will give drivers extra time to arrive at the track 

and still be able to compete in the races. 



General Admission: Ages 13 & up $10, 5-12 $5, 4 & Under Free
Pit Pass: Participants (any age) and Adults/Mechanics/Helpers Ages 13 & Up $40.  
                Ages 5 to 12 (non-drivers) $15, and Ages 4 & Under Free.
                (Minors must have a 2023 minor release on file) 

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