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Canceled - Feb 26, 2023 - Rescheduled to Mar 26, 2023

Pre-Event Notes: 

This event has been rescheduled for Sunday March 26th.   

Track prep is normally started days before an event, so if the event is canceled at the last minute, that time, water and fuel are wasted.    This event was rescheduled early so track resources are saved and can be allocated at a later time.

See the info below, plans are to follow the same schedule on Sunday March 26th.

Gates Open: 10:00 am 
Beginner Practice from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm 
Free Hot Dogs for all families after the event 

This practice day is mainly for the 14 new kids that came to the first practice day and got very little track time.  But also for other kids that are new to karting (age 7 to 14), Donald Curtis will be bringing 3 or 4 karts for kids to try.  Long pants, long sleeve shirts, closed toe shoes are required, we'll have some loaner helmets and loaner gloves (but if you've got these, bring em). We do have 1 additional requirement for new kids who didn't make it on Jan 28 - Run 2 kid's races at the Octane kart track in Scottsdale. It's an indoor kart track that allows kids of any age (at least 4'6" tall) to drive karts. Here the kids will learn basic steering, throttle and brake. This will also give them and their parents an idea if they're ready for karting now (or maybe in a few years).

For the new kids (and actually for the kids who got limited track time), going to Octane and racing there will help them get up to speed much faster than coming to Adobe and driving a kart for the first time.   The karts at Octane have similar controls to the karts used at Adobe and racing at Octane is a great way to get that feel for sliding while still maintaining control.

Octane raceway gets pretty busy, especially on weekends, so its a good idea to book ahead of time on their website:
It also has all the info about pricing and memberships.  (2 races plus membership is approx. $50) 

Once again, the Octane 2 race rule is not a requirement for the kids who attended the first practice, but for all others, bring your result sheets from Octane with the lap times for those first 2 races! 

After the event, Aaron will have the grill fired up and Ted's buying hot dogs for all!  We hope that everyone will stay for the post race graduation! 


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